CNIOT LABS INC. provides one-stop consulting, testing, and certification services through our extensive network of accredited partner laboratories and industry-leading technical experts around the world.

We offer customized product testing, certification, and local representative services for Global Market Access.

If you are a company that needs comprehensive testing for your product launch or if you want customized certification services to suit your needs, we are here to help. Our focus is always on quality, value, and professionalism. You can rely on our team to offer you the best value for money and the fastest lead time in the industry.


Local Representative Service

Local Representative is a mandatory requirement in many countries for certification of your products. CNIOT LABS INC. and its affiliate companies can act as your local representative in Canada, India, China, and every other country in the world.

For example: A Canadian representative is required when the applicant’s company address is not within Canada. The applicant shall provide a signed Application and Agreement for Certification Services (see form A) in which the details of the company representative in Canada shall be clearly identified. The Canadian representative shall be responsible for responding to all enquiries from ISED regarding the certified product(s), including providing audit samples at no charge to ISED. The applicant shall have a valid Application and Agreement for Certification Services for as long as the certified product is offered on the Canadian market.

Popular IoT Protocols That We Use:

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